The Right Outfit for the Swingers Club

Your first visit to a swingers club is coming up and you have no idea what to wear?
Then you've come to the right place! I'll tell you my most important tips to make a good figure in the swingers club!

To find the right outfit for you, we need to clarify a few questions in advance:

  1. your visual intention behind the evening
  2. what kind of clubwear is available at all
  3. the theme of the party
  4. the point with the problem zones
  5. which basic outfit belongs in every swingers wardrobe

What is your visual intention behind the evening?

You don't want to attract attention at first, just look around and let the impressions take effect on you?

Then you should choose a dress in which you feel comfortable. The dress may be very sexy and also provide a little insight. Combined with beautiful stockings, high heels and a few nice accessories you will look great and feel good all around.

Thus, the very simple and also suitable for everyday wear outfit is already ready, the important thing is that YOU feel comfortable.

Do you want to attract all eyes to you and make an unforgettable appearance?

Then you should choose an extravagant outfit, something that will make you stand out from the crowd. Think about which parts of your body you want to put in the spotlight and find the right outfit. In our online store, you can use our product advisor and you also have filters on each category page, which will take you to your desired outfit.

Especially provocative club dresses or lingerie sets with beautiful stockings are suitable for this. Great high heels are of course also a must here!

With accessories, you can also achieve a lot here. A fascinator, choker, Venetian mask or a garter will certainly attract one or two glances at you.

D you want to actively enjoy the playground in the club?

Surely you enjoy the first drink and time at the bar. Here you can orient yourself on the first two tips. This way you can get used to the atmosphere and feel comfortable. After all, you can change your outfit!

So you want to wear something that puts you in the spotlight during intensive flirting and also on the playground? Then your outfit should be rather practical. It is important that you think about whether you want to keep it on at the playground (perhaps with the ulterior motive of covering up one or the other problem zone) or place special value on aesthetics, or whether you want to take it off.

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If you want to keep it on, you should go for ouvert lingerie. Its openings have the advantage that you can keep it on. In our store, we have a special category for it.

If you want to undress on the playground, then you are of course very flexible in the choice of your outfit. Keep a second outfit in your closet that might be a little easier to put on than your first outfit.

What types of clubwear are there anyway?

Corsages & corsets: they conjure up a narrow waist and definitely put you in the scene!

Dresses: there is a really big choice here. A simple black, something from the net, dresses in wet look optics. tight dresses, wide dresses. There is really something for every type. Just browse through our categories and find the right dress for you!

Lingerie: Here, too, there is a huge selection of different lingerie, depending on your taste, they can conceal or highlight. With a few beautiful accessories always an eye-catcher. Especially popular are lingerie sets, which give you a uniform sexy look. Combine them with matching stockings and high heels.

Fetish outfits: now it becomes a little more special, but depending on the type of event/club a fetish outfit is the right choice.

Accessories: it's the little details that make an outfit unforgettable. High heels, stockings a garter, some jewelry, a fascinator, or a mask? And already your outfit is something special.

Does the club/event have a special theme?

There are events that have a motto and thus often have a predefined dress code. This is important to know in order to find the right outfit. Is sex the main focus at this party? (e.g. a dedicated play party) then it is important to choose a practical outfit, which you can either quickly take off or simply leave on, depending on your taste. There are also events where the focus is on getting to know each other and “getting a taste”. Here, a large part of the evening takes place at the bar and dance floor. For this party, it may be a little more elaborate or fancy outfit.

Problem zones & the chocolate side

There are many different types of clubwear, you want to conceal your problem zones?

Problem zone belly:
My tip is dresses, suspender corsages, or bodystockings, depending on your intention and what kind of party it is.

Problem zone legs:
A long dress or bodystocking is perfect to conceal your legs and make you feel comfortable all evening.

Do you want to highlight your chocolate side?
Legs: To emphasize your legs, put them in the spotlight with beautiful stockings and high heels.

Breasts: If you want to emphasize your breasts, you can do it very well with a corsage/corset or with lingerie that has a beautiful cleavage. There are many options here. If you dare, put on lingerie that is open at the top. More in a scene than hardly goes.

Basic equipment for the swinger closet:

So that a party doesn't have to be canceled because you can't find anything to wear, the following equipment should not be missing from your wardrobe:

  • A sexy dress that you feel comfortable in.
  • Bodystocking
  • High heels in which you can walk well

Nice to have would also be:

  • Halterless stockings
  • A suspender corsage
  • Lingerie set
  • negligee or babydoll
  • Wetlook – Outfit
  • Fascinator