The Swingers Club’s Six Most Critical Rules of Etiquette

Who doesn't want plenty of sex? With the sweetheart or the beloved? Or, more precisely, without a commitment to a large number of other individuals? The relationship exists for the one. Anja Drews, a sexual educator, discusses the guidelines for visitors to swingers' clubs.

Since the 1960s, this form of sexual activity has become increasingly popular in the Western hemisphere. Swinging can be done solo, in pairs, in a private party setting, or even in a club. It's about non-committal, casual sex with like-minded individuals. Separately or as a symphony. What is permissible is whatever one desires… However, there are also rules regarding visitor behavior in a swingers club!

Who Do You Meet at the Swinger Club?

Visitors to a swinging club are likely to be quite dissimilar. They each have quite distinct sexual preferences. What they all have in common, however, is a desire to exchange partners. Some visitors to the club are primarily interested in watching other couples have sex, while others enjoy being observed, and still others prefer group sex over individual sex. You can meet virtually anyone at a swingers club. You may only be familiar with a few of the guests, but others will be familiar to you. Complete anonymity is only possible in limited circumstances, such as at theme parties that require the wear of a mask. As a result, you should always approach your fellow guests with an open mind and, most importantly, without prejudice. Often, a brief exchange with other visitors is all that is required to set the stage for an exciting evening on the club's playground.

These rules are applicable to all visitors to swinging clubs.

1. Anything is permissible; nothing is required.

The motto of a swinging club is “Anything is possible, nothing is required.” This essentially means that you can do whatever you want and feel like doing in the club, but you are not required to participate in activities organized by other couples if you are not interested. A fantastic collection of bands for all guests, men and women alike. However, I believe the logic makes sense. Therefore, if someone comes along who we dislike or who touches us in a way we dislike or who does not turn us on, we have the right to express our dislike. If we do not want someone to observe or demonstrate themselves, we are also permitted to do so. Remove yourself from the situation by walking away, looking away, pushing away, or even speaking up. Naturally, this wish should be conveyed in the most diplomatic manner possible. “Exit” would not be covered by it. The other party must unconditionally accept the rejection. And, of course, we, if we are rejected on the playground by a gentleman or another couple.

2. a couple's unambiguous agreements

If we visit such an establishment with our partner, we should agree in advance on what we will and will not allow each other. Certain individuals are unconcerned about who the other is fucking with or whether there will be a partner exchange that evening. However, kissing in French! No, not even in a swinger is that possible. Or, more precisely, the opposite. If you're not completely sold on this type of recreational activity, you should avoid it.

Jealousy is a significant issue within couples. It can add interest to the other person if we see that he or she is also desired by others and that he himself desires other women. It can, however, result in anxiety. Other potential relationship issues should be resolved outside of the swinger, not during an evening in the swinger. Finally, the swingers club is all about lust, a unique style of partying, the desire to swap partners or have sex with other couples. Regardless of how much time we spend prior to and following the event. And it is precisely about how we evaluate sex that we must converse.

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3. The individual desiring to fuck must be clean.

If you want to have a good time fucking around in a swingers club, you should maintain a spotless appearance. There are no excuses for water muffle simply because you are not intimate with your own partner – or simply because of that.

– Whether or not to have intimate hair is a personal preference. However, anyone who smells foul beneath their existing or non-existent hair should not be surprised if their success rate in the club plummets.
– Showers, towels, and bathrobes may be used if they are available in the club and supplied by the company.
– If you're going to kiss, regardless of the shape of your lips, you should ensure your breath is fresh. Peppermint mints are small enough to fit in the tiniest bathrobe pocket.
– We probably don't need to discuss dental plaque or calluses on the feet resembling shoe soles here. Furthermore, short fingernails are required when entering any body cavity.

4. Compulsory safe sex

In this context, having safer sex is critical. Condoms should thus be made freely available in all swinging clubs. HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis B are not the only issues at stake. Other sexually transmitted infections, such as HP viruses or chlamydia, are transmitted not only during sexual contact, but also via oral sex or shared use of sex toys. As a result, licking cloths should be used in the swingers club whenever possible, and sex toys should be covered with a condom. Cleaning thoroughly in between also works, but is a little inconvenient. Additionally, please remember in the club and when exchanging partners that whatever was once in an anus must not come into direct contact with the vagina! Additional information is available at “Safer Sex: The Key Facts in a Snapshot”.

5. adhere to appropriate attire

In most swinging clubs, both women and men must adhere to a dress code. If you prefer to dress in a suit or an evening gown, you may do so until you reach the checkroom without restriction. The rule after that is as follows: Continue into the club naked, in lingerie, in a bathrobe, or in any other erotic clothing that is permitted. Consequently, remaining on the outside and merely observing others as an observer is not a wise course of action. When it comes to observation: Couples frequently engage in sexual activities such as watching and showing off in swingers clubs. However, consent from the remaining guests is always required.

6. intoxicants? Food? What is the layout of your property?

Is your courage being drained? On such an evening, that is not a good idea. In moderation, alcohol is consumed here. Whenever. After all, everything should be experienced through all five senses. And no one wants to be approached by a completely inebriated visitor. Other substances are also prohibited on a club's playground. The media may cover orgies and wild parties during which copious amounts of alcohol and drugs are consumed. Additionally, there are willing prostitutes. Then there's the financial aspect. And, of course, swinging has nothing to do with that. Swinging is entirely optional and is completely free. At the very least in terms of sexual activity. Naturally, admission to the clubs is a fee. The operator of a number of clubs will provide a buffet. After all, on the playground, you should maintain your strength. This is an excellent location for initiating contact with potential partners. I simply include the phrase “kitchen party” in the title. Given that everyone is seeking contact, the effort should be minimal. After that, the food is consumed in areas designated specifically for this purpose. As a result, playgrounds are free of crumbs or fallen tomato slices.

Finally, but certainly not least, a quick tour of the swingers club is recommended to familiarize yourself with the club's conditions. The club features rooms reserved exclusively for couples, as well as a partner exchange and playgrounds available to all visitors. You should avoid becoming confused due to the abundance of lust 😉

Nothing should go wrong now if you pay attention to all of these points.