What Percentage of Couples Are Swingers?


What Percentage of Couples Are Swingers?   So, what percentage of couples are swingers? The answer to that question varies greatly depending on the type of relationship. Swingers are more likely to disagree with the notion that a man should be an “achiever” and a wife should stay at home. These differences, however, are not … Read more

Why Do People Swing?

why do people swing

Why Do People Swing? The answer to the question, “Why do people swing?” isn’t always as clear-cut as it may seem. In some cases, couples lose the flame of love but still remain connected on other levels. And others do it because they don’t want to have a divorced parent raising their children. And yet, … Read more

The Myth About How Many Couples Swing

the myth about how many couples swing

The Myth About How Many Couples Swing: The myth that how many couples swing is untrue is not surprising, given that it has been around for more than a century. This article explains the facts about swinging, as well as myths associated with it. We’ll discuss the statistics and research behind swinging as well. Until … Read more

Female Bisexuality in The Swinging Lifestyle Community

Female Bisexuality

There are many women in the liberal environment who define themselves as bisexual, but very few women who really consider themselves bisexual once you talk about feelings or seduction with them. Why does this happen? Are they not true bisexuals? To answer these questions, we must first stop to define bisexuality and some related terms … Read more

What actually happens in a swinger club?

swinger club

For many people, the swingers club is one of the first places where they actually start to use the sexual freedom of an open relationship. All the more, before the first visit there is often uncertainty and misinformation about what a swingers club actually is, what happens there and whether it is worth going there … Read more

Post-Coronavirus Swinger Lifestyle Relationships

Post-Coronavirus Swinger Lifestyle

What are the risks of swingers practices? What measures do we have to take? How is COVID-19 transmitted? What is the safety and hygiene protocol in liberal premises? We tell you everything in this article. Risks of swingers practices post-coronavirus There are many doubts about how sexual relations will be post-coronavirus because it is difficult … Read more

Swinging – Everything You Should Know About It


Sure, swinging as an erotic lifestyle has been around for quite a while. What has changed, however, is that we now talk about it openly. We live in an exciting time where we have easy access to other people’s sexual experiences – both good and not so good. Are you interested in the topic of … Read more

For Years, I Was a Woman Alone at a Swingers Club – Here’s What I Learned About Love

Woman Alone at a Swingers

For four years, I was a regular at a swingers club, where I obtained some of my most meaningful life experiences. Today, I am aware of who I am, what I want, and what I do not desire.  And I learn a lot about love along the way. Because there are so few of them, a solitary female swinger is referred to as a “unicorn” in the scene. In reality, the majority of swingers are couples. “Unicorn hunters” refer to couples that desire to play with a single female swinger. How did I get to this conclusion? For four years, … Read more



The cliché that swingers’ clubs are stuffy basement rooms where the over-40 generation enjoys itself in varnish and leather and everyone gets wild with everyone else persists. Today, there are many exclusive swingers clubs that require a photo application in advance and only admit attractive couples. Find out what you should look out for if … Read more