Advice for first time swingers

Although the beginnings on the paths of the swinger's lifestyle are similar for any person, at least in terms of behavioral guidelines, in this section we want to focus more on couples since these beginnings are perhaps more delicate when you share an affective and sentimental relationship with another person. We are certainly available for anyone who wants to contact us and ask for information, it will be a pleasure to give you as always our point of view on this incredible way of seeing life.

The beginning of a couple in the swinger environment, as in any other facet of life, usually causes nerves and fears of the unknown, with the addition of dealing with a subject as intimate as sexual relations. The education received over the years and the taboo that exists in the swinger world in our society influences many couples despite having concerns about the subject cost them a lot to take the first steps, what is also true is that those couples who eventually decide to try, typically always repeat and with greater or lesser constancy remain in the environment.

We want to encourage all those couples who are curious or want to try to overcome those fears and fears because they will discover a new world full of possibilities, which frequently greatly improve the couple's relationships because they establish stronger ties and trust in the couple is reinforced. We all have sexual fantasies, but not everyone dares to ask their partner about them.

Here are a few tips that, from our humble point of view, can help you if you want to discover this world:

  • If you have problems as a couple, do not look for the solution in the swinger world.
  • Talk clearly between you and establish the limits that you are going to have, what you want to discover or try and where you should not go beyond.
  • Always go at the speed of the slowest of the couple (no rush).
  • Never pressure your partner to do something he/she is not sure he/she wants to do.
  • It is also good to have a code word or phrase to back off immediately if one partner uses it (it is a way of expressing to your partner that you are not comfortable in a situation).
  • Keep the situation under control at all times and do not get carried away if you are not completely comfortable.
  • When the time comes to be with other people or partners, make it clear to them what you are looking for and what your limits are.
  • Never allow them to pressure you to exceed the limits you have, most couples respect the rules of the game, but there can always be some exceptions, in those cases it is very important to have enough personality to stop the situation at any time.
  • A drink can help those who are shyer to disinhibit themselves but be careful, too much alcohol can also play a very bad trick on you.
  • Do not be afraid to go to a club, it is a good way to discover things and by going to one it is not necessary to maintain relationships with anyone. The first visit can be simply to see in the first person how the liberal or swinger environment works.
  • If you go to a swinger club, try to dress in a sexy way, it will always help you to interact with other couples.
  • Always maintain the maximum of personal hygiene.
  • Whenever you have penetrative relations with another couple, use a condom.