A Visit to the Swingers Club – A Kind of Guide

Have you ever wondered what a visit to a swingers club looks like? I have set up a few questions and answered the topic.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact me and I will answer them.

1. What is the Procedure in a Swingers Club?

Let's start with the procedure. Nowadays it is best to look on the internet (e.g. Joyclub) and check which clubs are nearby. And then you should also look what parties are offered. There is everything possible: Parties for newcomers, S&M parties, gang-bang parties, men's surplus, couples' nights, bi parties and and and.

The next step is to see what kind of people are already registered and how many. There is nothing worse than an empty swingers club… Besides, I think the right target group in terms of age is also always important.

Once that's done, it's about the preparation: Regarding the outfit, I'll write more details in question 2. What you want to take with you beyond that is entirely up to you. In my case, I like to have a bit of sex toys or whips with me. What you don't need are towels, shower gel and rubbers. You can get that in sufficient quantities there. I find a deodorant still quite good. If you then have everything together, pack everything in a bag and off you go!

Now when you are in the car and turn down the destination road, the cliché is usually fulfilled: An industrial area. Whereby it is also a good address for a swingers club. But when you drive into the parking lot, a cliché is disproved. As a rule, only “fat cars” are parked there. A few campers can be found more often. From the cars you can already guess who is in the club. The upper middle class of Germany. Now you park the car and walk up to the door. Here you have to ring the bell and it is opened. You pay the entrance fee (btw: it's best to always have enough cash on you) and you get a key for your own locker. So you go to the locker room and change. Then you go to the bar and have a drink to calm your nerves.

After that you can have a look at the rooms, there you can often find the first “at work”.

What comes after that is a bit up to everyone. Just look, eat something, meet someone, have sex only with your own partner – everything is up to you.

If you want to have sex then, you should always make sure that you have a towel under you (this is etiquette in the swingers club).

Wipes, condoms, disinfectant spray are always available in the play areas.

After sex, you jump in the shower and then it starts all over again – or you go home… just as you like.

2. What Do I Wear?

The outfit depends on many factors: Is there a theme night, perhaps? How brave am I? What am I into?

What's important, especially for women: SEXY! Lingerie, corsages, suspenders, latex, lacquer, short dresses, catsuits and and…

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With men it is always a bit more difficult. Many simply wear tight boxers, T-shirt and shoes. Shoes he and she should think about, it's easy to forget! And then there are also special club outfits for men: vinyl pants, fishnet shirts.

It's best to just search a bit on the Internet. There you get a good impression of the outfits.

3. What Do the Rooms Look Like?

What you find in every room are big mattresses, the so-called mats. And then usually each room has a different theme.

There are also often areas that can be closed off, for example, with a chain or even a door. Especially for newcomers, this is an ideal way to have sex in a club without being constantly afraid of unwanted touching.

4. What Are the Rules?

First of all an info: The rules are taken very exactly in the Swingerclubs. If you violate them, you will be kicked out. At large events, security is also present, so you can always feel safe, even as a single woman.

Rule No. 1 is hygiene: It is mandatory to put a towel everywhere. There are trash cans everywhere to dispose of used wipes, etc. Also, you can find disinfectant spray everywhere, so that smooth surfaces can be easily wiped. And there are always rubbers available for those who want them.

Rule No. 2 is respect: everyone has to accept and respect the opinion of the other. Nothing may take place without the consent of the other. Likewise, no one is allowed to simply grope without being asked. As far as the rule is concerned, the club owner takes absolutely no joke either! If this is violated, the person quickly flies out of the swingers club. The club owner can't afford to have anyone assaulting him or her.

Do you really find people there you want to have sex with and how is it to have sex with strangers?
Whether you find someone you really want to take to the mat is of course a matter of luck. By looking at the guest list beforehand, you can help your luck along a bit. I would compare it a bit with the ONS search in the disco. There are evenings where you find 3 potential ONS and then again not at all. I have always been lucky so far.

How the sex then looks, is entirely in the hands of each individual. The one or other story you can also read here in other articles.

And the question, how the sex is, is relatively easy to answer: I absolutely love it when others watch me have sex. And I'm also into watching others. After all, that's the only reason you go to a place like this. It always impressed me and the evenings were regular fodder for my hours alone….

5. What Kind of People Are There?

In any case, they are much more normal than you think. I mentioned it above about the cars. Many are from the upper middle class. People who are tradesmen or academics by day. There are engineers, business managers, lawyers, bricklayers, doctors, teachers…. absolutely everything is represented.

At the bar, people talk about the weather, and ten meters away, they're screwing each other. I thought of the comparison to the sauna during my first visit. It is similar there.

So take a look around when you're on the train and ask yourself, who likes to go to the swingers club on the weekend. There will be more than you think!