How to Recognize Other Swingers?

The 4 most important clues serve as breadcrumbs for other swingers on the prowl.

Are There Certain Ways to Identify Swingers?

This is the million-dollar question that comes up all the time in the swinging community.

The consensus among our swinging friends is that no swinger would use it for fear of being out if there was a specific sign or symbol for the lifestyle.

We have friends who have tried to use colorful lawn ornaments or exotic plants to send self-identifying smoke signals to others in the lifestyle.

These little clues can serve as breadcrumbs for other swingers on the lookout but are usually not so brazen that they would inadvertently pass them on to their friends and neighbors.

Although the swingers we know may not display a banner that says “swingers partying” in their front yard, that doesn't mean it's completely impossible to find clues and signs that your neighbors may be in the lifestyle.

Signs to Identify Swingers

Here are some of the signs we have identified along with our swinger friends over the years.

1. They have lawn gnomes in their garden.

Cute, sweet, and colorful lawn gnomes have always been associated with the swinging community.

Our neighbors, who have no idea we are swingers, often joke that others in our neighborhood have gnomes and don't know their true meaning. I always joke back and tell them that Martha and John may well be 80 by now – you never know!

Come to think of it, my grandma had lawn gnomes all over her yard. Maybe this swinging thing is hereditary?

2. They wear curious jewelry.

We've heard for years that a black ring on a man's right hand is a way to identify other swingers. Or that a woman wearing an anklet on her right ankle is a sign that a couple is out and about and open to meeting other swingers.

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While these might be clues to identification, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't trust these clues alone or try to break the ice by asking, “…so I see your ring/ankle, are you a swinger?”

We recently learned that there is an international symbol for swingers. Their website offers jewelry, clothing, temporary tattoos, and accessories to help attract and identify like-minded people worldwide.

While we might wear something like this when we're out of town or traveling, we certainly wouldn't wear it locally for fear of being easily outed.

3. They have a hot tub.

Having a hot tub on your back patio has always been associated with being a member of the swinging community. While I don't necessarily think this is a safe way to say it, it is definitely a sign.

Granted, we have a hot tub and so do many of our lifestyle friends!

Ours was purchased before we entered the lifestyle, but perhaps we subconsciously knew we were destined to swing?

4. They seem to get hotter as they get older.

The swingers we know age like fine wine.

When you think back to your dating years, do you remember the lengths you went to in order to impress your dates?

Those of us in the lifestyle still make that kind of effort.

While most people our age are skipping the gym, dropping waxing from their priority list, and showering once a week, we're still keeping things tight from head to toe.

If you're part of the swinging lifestyle, it's important to take care of your health and appearance. My husband and I look better now, in our late 30s, than we did when we were 25.

Other Rumored Signs and Symbols of Swingers

We've heard of several other symbols and signs being used over the years, but couldn't really confirm any of them as accurate.

A few other rumors floating around the internet include pampas grass in the front yard, a pineapple door knocker, pink flamingos in the garden, women wearing toe rings, and matching yin-yang tattoos for couples.

While most of us in the lifestyle go to great lengths to maintain our privacy, there are still some signs that swingers can be identified.

If your favorite neighbors wear curious jewelry, have a lawn full of gnomes, an oversized hot tub, and are getting hotter while everyone else around them is getting older, they just might be swingers.